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Welcome to the biggest beauty salon in Manavgat, Antalya! Our experienced team provides high-quality beauty services and a range of treatments to nourish your body, mind, and soul. We use only the highest quality products and equipment to ensure a safe and effective experience. Visit us today to achieve your beauty goals and enjoy ultimate relaxation.
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Regional Thinning

What is Big Fit? Developed and produced by BIG FIT Mormed Group and produced by ultrasonic diet and exercise by applying sound waves in low and high mode A new generation of non-invasive targets that target trouble spots out of reach wide area It is a device used in the field of aesthetics that appeals to (Face and Body). Big Fit Working Principle; The adipose tissue is broken down into small particles that can be easily emptied (discarded). Allows the operator to achieve a constant power with a reduced thermal effect (1-3 MHz and 40 kHz) Therapy (High Frequency Pressure Waves). BIG FIT, thanks to Pressure Waves that mobilize excess fat deposits Its Total Frequency accelerates cellular metabolism by creating an increase in tissue temperature.

Royal Lift

Royal Lift is developed by Mormed Group such as sagging and loss of elasticity. painless and non-invasive treatment for chest and butt Vacuum, Led therapy and Electro therapy (Ems) It is a new generation skin care device that includes technology. Working Principle Royal Lift; By providing an effective suction in the breast with the vacuum application method, It dilates blood vessels and accelerates blood circulation. In this way, the breast It increases the rate of hormone secretion and adds fullness and flexibility to the breast. It helps. With Electro therapy (Ems) system in problems such as sagging and loosening strengthens the chest muscles, prevents the adipose tissue with EMS to tighten the skin and It helps fill it up. While providing a more lively and fuller appearance, Led It also helps with therapy. In addition, for small breasts, a 3D pulling force is applied by applying a negative pressure. gives a more distinctive shape with the technique


Hydroxy Peel 10 uses aqua peeling and ultra jet peeling technologies in one, A new generation skin that helps you to reach a bright and beautiful skin comfortably. maintenance device. Hydroxy Peel method is the process of skin cleansing, moisturizing and care. It is a non-invasive system in which it is combined. Working Principle Hydroxypeel holistic skin care; From large or clogged pore problem, Black from spots, Skin tone irregularity, Sebum (oil) imbalance, Skin dryness and helps to get rid of the loss of skin elasticity. Technology Content Hydroxy Peel in general with all the equipment in its content about skin care. It is a multifunctional skin care technology. SOLUTIONS A - AHA Solition With its exfoliating feature, glycolic acid (AHA) smoothes the skin by removing dead cells. Same It provides lively and bright skin at the same time. Reduces signs of aging, acne and It helps to remove acne scars. With a water-retaining and moisturizing effect on the skin


REDSHINE HYBRID DIODE. 3 most effective and safest for hair follicle during epilation simultaneous application by combining wavelength (808nm, 755 nm and 1064 nm) It is a diode laser epilation device developed by Mormed Group. Working Principle REDSHINE HYBRD technology 2 (808nm-1064nm) or 3 (755+808+1064nm) different by sending the wavelengths to the skin in a single shot in the same beam of light and applying it according to the hair type. provides practical and effective epilation. Each of 3 different laser wavelengths one targets a different anatomical structure in the hair structure and different tissue depths

Lenf Drenaj

Improvement in skin quality by applying pressure massage to the body with Lymph Drainage, aimed at circumferential thinning, tightening of the skin and subcutaneous is a technology. The lymphatic and venous circulation in the body is accelerated by pressure. It helps to drain the fluid accumulated between the veins. It is possible. The elimination of edema that occurs in the body due to various diseases. It is also used in the treatment of acne and cellulite removal. the effectiveness of regional slimming and body tightening programs It is a method that increases

Cellulite Massage

Massage application with mechanically assisted massage therapy vibration to provide the opportunity. It also stimulates the muscular and nervous system It strengthens blood circulation and lymphatic system circulation. of oils softens, beautifies the cellulite tissue, relaxes the muscles and helps to recover

Skin Analyzer

Skin Analyzer Patient satisfaction by pre-diagnosis and post-treatment analysis and measuring the success of the procedure and trust can be earned. With skin analysis, more accurate product recommendations can be made. Successful results can be presented with pre-application analysis detection. Appropriate treatment determination for pre- and post-procedure. The client's facial images can be compared before and after skincare. The success of the treatment can be measured with the photographs taken before and after the procedures. Ergonomic and portable design advantage. High efficiency with low cost. Benefits to End User Fast and comfortable operation. Increasing the success rate of the procedure to be performed by providing the correct diagnosis.

Needle epilation

Needle epilation device includes both Flash and Thermolysis systems. Two systems that allow application with both classical and painless methods It is a needle epilation device. The classic yet timeless most effective hair removal tool for permanent hair removal. It is one of the permanent hair removal systems that gives results. Needle hair removal including eyebrows, face, abdomen, thighs, breasts and legs It can be used on most parts of the body.

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Our Products Includes

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